Why I will not vote on Sunday!

Publié le 21 Mai 2014

Firstly, I must assure you that I am profoundly European. I believe in Europe, but not the one that is currently proposed.

I believe in the values ​​that some politicians share, and I've always supported them so far, no party in particular, but the values ​​of solidarity, equality, sharing, sustainability, ecology.

Our representatives in the European Parliament no longer listen to the people who elected them. It is easy to make promises that are never kept. But there comes a time when the people are sick to be fooled.

Tonight I just heard more promises, more attractive as each other, but I know this are only empty words. Hence my anger.

Of course, my discourse herein applies only to smoking ... who really cares ?

Just a " thing " like that, among other ... yet , in France it represents 200 deaths per day, nearly 80 000 deaths per year, in Europe... 700 000... but no, none of the politicians do deign to be interested. Or maybe it is after listening with half an ear to the supplications of lobbyists of large companies that explain to them that it is useless to take drastic measures, except against the only things that could have a real impact on public health. Of course, they do not present them that way... they are threatened with relocation, loss of tax revenues, things which are so sweet to their ears....

Yet for some time smokers have decided to take their destiny. It's nothing, just a little thing that happened on the sly, but by word of mouth has grown significantly. In addition , they had the audacity to talk to each other, create discussion forums, to advise each others, help each other, to rebel, and even create an association (AIDUCE) ...

This little thing is the personal nicotine vaporizer (PV) (otherwise called electronic cigarettes, but I do not like that word, the object is so diametrically opposed to this " killer " as they call it). Oh, the big word ! What? smokers would find a way to quit tobacco without being have ordered ? Horror !

So everyone, upwind, would like to put some order in all this. Governments, health professionals (even if some have since changed their mind, thanks for this), the press of course ! Scaring people sells paper! and above all the tobacco control community, all these well-meaning associations, who want so much to their fellow citizens. Addiction to nicotine, how horrible! Addiction is bad, even if it does not hurt anyone, it's just that it bothers moral thinking well.

They replay the snus story, the less harmful tobacco product, that Europe was quick to ban in 1992, fear (hey it's weird, it's the same arguments we hear now!) it makes young people dependents. Bottom line, a few hundred thousand dead, or more, which could have been avoided. Yet, we have a natural experiment in Sweden and Norway, which shows that this product could have saved the lives of many smokers. But no, they preferred prohibit selling this product.

And you want to play it agains with VP ? Ah yes, but then, vapers do not agree. They will not let you do it again (ICE of EFVI). You saw it in October, at the European Parliament. They let you know it. This allowed at least initially, to avoid classification of PV as medication. But never mind, the lobbies were quick to rectify. Since MEPs say no, we will go through the Commission, so much more malleable. And behind closed doors, this institution, not elected, was quick to put things in the right way. It got what it wanted. Classification of the e-cigarettes, not exactly like a tobacco product, not exactly like a medicine, but certainly not what it is, a consumer product that allows smokers to take control of their health, and at no cost to governments !

It is the same everywhere, the English MHRA definitely want to make it a medicine, FDA, a tobacco product, and WHO does not even want to hear about it, it should simply be banned, because for them it is the same as tobacco !

You have not even listened to the scientists who have told you, through their studies, that this innovative and disruptive technology for cigarettes, could be a revolutionary benefit for public health. Or rather, you have distorted their data, interpreting them incorrectly, to justify your preconceived goals, totally moralistic, and certainly not evidence-based.

Yet, since then, studies have shown that these scientists were right, tobacco sales are down, smokers quit with the PV, youth also quit ...

What will result from these elections may be disastrous for democracy. The example of the PV is only the tip of the iceberg that I put forward here, but I think it is the same for all areas. You have lost touch with your fellow citizens. Your only goal is to be elected and re-elected, not to defend your citizens. Please do not come back to complain after the elections.

But, it is decided, I will not vote on Sunday, even if it costs me.

Rédigé par Jacques Le Houezec

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Keeping silent by not voting is certainly no longer the right option Jacques. We need a few more E.U. Antzs in the Parliament to bring them to reason. This is what happens when the people's voice is disregarded. Euope was a good idea until we started to have to bear the burden of the financial failings of others. This wasn't what the original treaty was about. The E.U. needs a thorough shakethrough before it turns into the dictator of Europe rather than people for the people.
You have said everything that I feel - thank you. European Union is essential but not the fat-cats who can nullify anything the MEPs approve - the Commissioners are unnecessary and serve no useful purpose apart from forming a "last chance saloon" for the lobbyists. I will be voting in about an hour - I'll just have to pick the least worst option.
" a consumer product that allows smokers to take control of their health, and at no cost to governments !" Not to mention at no income as well for governments and their lobbying friends they serve. So I will surely vote, to make my voice heard, keeping silent is no longer an option.